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Technical Artist:

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of entirely new pipeline for current and future projects

  • Part of a core content pipeline team designated with creating new features for the Valhalla Game Engine

  • Re-imagining of Payday2 pipeline

  • Optimisation and improvement of current tools and processes

Junior Technical Artist:

  • Assist artists with quick scripts to improve workflow

  • Implement assets with scripted functionality

  • Improve and add new functionality to already existing pipeline

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC



Junior Environment Artist:

  • Creation of destructible assets

  • Creation of buildings and level building for major cities in the gameplay world

  • Creation of materials for assets

  • Bug fixing

  • Quick scripts for the art team 

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


Art Intern:

  • Introduction to the art pipeline and how each role within the studio collaborate with each other

  • Creating LOD's for various models

  • Input into direction within the games art

  • Modelling of damaged components of space cruisers

Platforms: PC


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