An all inclusive Maya bootstrap


The documentation that follows is rather heavy and is for the intermediate to experienced user.

We will cover how to set up a batch file that launches Maya from a tools repository location, this is especially useful for project setups and is extremely flexible when changing from one project to another.


  • The methodology for this setup requires strict naming conventions and mindfulness in project setup.

  • Placing your tools inside your trunk allows for you to very easily set up dynamic relative pathing for exportation of assets and generally give your very easy access to your trunk folders.

Point to consider:

  • Set up dynamic pathing to your Maya project wherever you have your tools installed.

  • Set up relative pathing for each user.

  • Extreme flexibility allows for easy multi-project use.

  • Add custom environment variables to control your Maya environment.

  • Customise your Maya setup per project very easily.

  • Gain greater control on your project setup.

  • Very easy to push new updates to users.

Follow the link to download all the necessary resources and PDF file that runs you through the methodology and setup.


Maya Bootstrap resources

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