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Rigid Skin Master (A handy rigidbody skinning tool)


A handy tool to help make skinning vehicles or any other rigid skinned objects easier.


Skinning vehicles or any other rigid skin objects can be tedious and error prone. The following write up will explain how to use Rigid Skin Master, there is also a demo video available.


The tool takes any number of input meshes, combines them and skins them to their parents at the click of a button.


Create Target Mesh: Create a target mesh that you want to combine your objects to

Delete Target Mesh: Deletes the selected target mesh

Mark To Target: Mark your selected Maya mesh objects to the selected target mesh

Unmark From Target: Unmark selected targeted objects from the target mesh

Retarget to selected root: Retarget the selected target mesh to a newly selected root (for errors)

Skin Selection: Skin the selected target meshes

How to install:

  • Download the project as a .zip

  • Extract the project into your documents Maya folder, the end result should look like this:

  • documents/maya/maya_version/scripts/rigid_skin/scripts and content

  • ​Restart Maya if you have not done so

  • Go to your Maya script editor and type the following command:

  • from rigid_skin import main main.main()

  • Save that script to your shelf and clicking it should boot the UI


Demo Video:

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