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Customising your main Maya window. Adding custom tools & menus


When writing tools and scripts to Maya it is often useful to store them in an easy to access location that can also be added to with minimal effort, especially if the tools are important to your pipeline or are of regular use by the end user.

This code snippet will show you how we can add a tearable custom drop down menu and also some custom icons that perform functions when clicked.


  • Add the code that sets this up to your file or execute on Maya boot to add your own icons and tool menus.

  • Very useful for setups that require easy access to tools.

  • Easy to add new tools, menus and icons as your project grows.

  • Allows you to keep all useful tools and scripts in one place.

  • Each item in the CUSTOM MENU is pinnable to the shelf.

  • Tested and verified on Maya versions:

  • 2013

  • 2015

  • 2016

Code and resources:

Download the following code from github and use it in your Maya setup

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